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Welcome to our big little spot on the world wide web, our mission is to create something special for you in our bar. Drop by and let us show you what we can do.
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Welcome to Klaustur Bar

At Klaustur Bar we are dedicated to the study of wine, hops, and spirits. A klaustur, or cloister, is a quiet place to learn, reflect, and meet. We are located in the heart of Reykjavik, sheltered by the Dómkirkja and Alþingi. Serving only the highest quality products, we have a unique selection of wines, whiskeys, and gins that can only be found here in Iceland. Please join us for a tasteful evening at Klaustur.


The Spirits of Klaustur

Klaustur has a unique collection of over 40 whiskeys and gins. From Taiwanese whiskey to Belgian Gin, we have a robust selection for our guests to discover. Our dedicated Gin & Tonic menu offers 7 unique twists on a classic using Icelandic ingredients in each. 

Here at Klaustur bar we pride ourselves with the fantastic selection of wines, spirits and unique drinks we have to offer.

We are looking forward to having you drop by for a drink 🙂

The Wines of Klaustur

Klaustur’s mission is to make quality wines accessible in Iceland. We have a variety of global wines unique in Iceland. Our Summer Wine List offers 10 wines by the glass, and we have a deep collection of bottles to share with friends and family. 

The Beers of Klaustur

Beer played a central historical role for monks, and it is a core element of the Klaustur. We offer a diverse selection of fresh Icelandic tap beers, including a rotating seasonal beer. 

Many many hours have gone into blending the perfect drink for you, we have done extensive testings and trials. Come drop by and find the perfect drink for you.

  • Full body and herbal. The rosemary pairs well with the savory kelp and thyme notes of the gin, while the blackberry adds a bit of tart acid. This is not a sweet fruity drink!

  • Faithful companion. Hendrick’s gin begs for an Icelandic cucumber garnish. What’s more, this gin’s essence of rose petal and fresh dill are a pairing that will walk hand-in-hand for a lifetime.

  • Burly and broad. This oak-aged gin is very complex with a range of heavy flavors, such as kelp, thyme, moss, and birch. This calls for accompaniment of crisp aromatics to balance out a full on flavor assault. This is the Lumberjack of G&T’s!

  • Crisp and refreshing. Grapefruit is the perfect pairing for this gin. Martin Miller’s is the best of both worlds–distilled in England, made with fresh Icelandic water.

  • Timeless classic. This gin craves citrus, and mint plays perfectly with the botanicals in this London Dry gin. If you are tired of sugary mojitos, try this as a premium thirst-quenching alternative.

  • Dessert in a glass. Sweet Icelandic strawberries pair beautifully with this gin’s affinity for fruit and citrus.

  • Secret surprise. Most curious customers who venture to try this G&T say it’s their favorite. Water extracted from celery and Icelandic tomatoes work harmoniously with the savory hints of tomato and basil in this Catalonian gin. This is a bright savory G&T, NOT a Bloody Mary!

A unique bar to enjoy

We are in close collaboration with Kvosin hótel and are proud to be a part of the family.

We cater to groups of all sizes, private parties and large groups alike.

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